LHC’s ultimately core business is Relationship Management. We believe in Human connection. We believe that together we can achieve better outcomes. For that reason, everything we do is taken personally and privately.

This confidential approach is what makes us so trustworthy in the investment business. We choose to stay out of the public eye by relying on word of mouth and other trustful resources to spread our business. The discrete and personal way we treat our partners and property owners allow us to have an exclusive and versatile investment portfolio to show to our clients.

To our clients, they can expect the best customer service in Portugal’s real estate market. Our personal approach will result in a depth knowledge about our clients, that along with our expertise and exclusive connections in the Portuguese real estate market will lead to that unique investment.


Here in LHC, we see our clients as conscious and active people, that when it comes the time to make decisions regarding their investment they know what is valuable for them.

LHC Global Real Estate Mission is to deliver the best service by supporting the client investment experience and offering new prepositions of value until together we found the investment that will add a unique and contextual value to our client’s life.


We have always upheld our vision on standing out as a company, as reflected in the aspects of customer relations and services, and most importantly, our people.  To be the best trustworthy real estate company in the world, where people rely on us to have access to life change opportunities.


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